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Uganda Jobline
Subject Employment
Language English
Owner Uganda Jobline Ltd

[edit] Brief description

Introduction: was established in October 2004 in order to provide an environment that facilitates the connection between employers with jobseekers wherever located. We specialise in recruitment, training and consulting.

We cover the three primary aspects required in every business today. Our 3 dimensional approach ensures that we can offer you our client everything your business needs.

Recruitment: When it comes to recruitment there is no limit to what we can do, we cover all sectors and never say no to any job specifications. To kick-start the process for recruitment and performance improvements, we seek to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your people before recommending solutions. So we will invest time up-front getting to know your business challenges, working with you to create and implement effective solutions.

Training: We specialise in dramatically improving over all performance through developing people; building the skills, commitment and enthusiasm for enhanced performance. Sustainable improvements in business performance will only be delivered by your people, but we can help you provide the right conditions, tools and understanding to maximise the opportunities.

Consulting: Drawing on our experience and learning, we can provide you with expert guidance: we make it our business to create an innovative, pragmatic solution with real commercial impact which addresses your specific business needs. We work with you as advisers and partners, transferring skills and learning as we go: setting you up for sustainable success for the future, allowing you to lead, motivate and develop your people.