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Johnstone Street, Kampala, 1949
Johnstone Street, Kampala, 1949


Kampala city is the commercial and administrative capital of Uganda. It was the only city with district status until 2005 when it was accorded, through a constitutional amendment, special status as the capital of the country. It lies on a plateau, spread over more than twenty rolling hills. It is a city of contrasts, ranging from the modern, colonial and Indian buildings in the centre, to the scenic, ever-green hills and wetlands in outlying areas, to the mighty Lake Victoria to the South.

Kampala in located in central Uganda, on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. It is bordered by Wakiso District to the North, East, West and South–West and Lake Victoria to the South East. It is 169 in size. With an altitude of 1190m above sea level, Kampala has a pleasant weather, with annual temperatures averaging 17 degrees (minimum) and 21 degrees (maximum) Celsius. It has a population of 1.2 million people (Uganda's population is estimated at 29.8 million).

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