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UgandaWiki is the Uganda online encyclopedia. Anyone may contribute content related to Uganda to the encyclopedia directly. Inspired by Wikipedia, the world's leading online encyclopedia, UgandaWiki aims to become the most comprehensive and accurate source of information about anything and everything to do with Uganda. We are depending on you - and our core team of volunteers - to achieve this goal.


How do I contribute?

  • Share your knowledge with the world by creating a new topic or improving articles already in the encyclopedia. You don't need to register to do this.
  • Register and volunteer to be an editor.
  • Upload your photos and videos. They must be informative and of a general interest.
  • If you own a webite, link UgandaWiki to your website.
  • Simply spread the word around about UgandaWiki.

Which content is appropriate?

As an encyclopedia, UgandaWiki carries factual information on all subjects imaginable, provided such information is of general interest and relates to Uganda. In short, it is a compendium of knowledge on Uganda. Contributions should be factual, verifiable with external sources and presented in a neutral way. Sources of information must be cited. UgandaWiki is not the place for politicking, fighting personal or idealogical battles, articulating one's opinions or self-promotion. For such services, you may may try any of the following websites, which provide webspace for such purposes. (Note that we are not endorsing any of these websites).

Being an open encyclopedia, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of all the information carried on UgandaWiki. You should therefore exercise sound judgement when using it.

How do I start?

A good way to start is to browse the categories listed above and get a feel of what UgandaWiki is about. You can also search for a topic of your interest and if it doesn't exist yet, you can create it. All you need to initiate a topic is some basic, factual information about a subject. Then you and others can expand, strengthen or otherwise improve the content with time.

For additional information, consult the help pages.

Can I reproduce UgandaWiki content?

Unless otherwise stated on the specific content item, you may freely use UgandaWiki content for non-commercial purposes, provided due acknowledgement is made. You must seek permission to use UgandaWiki content for commercial purposes.

Is UgandaWiki connected to Uganda Wiki or Wikipedia?

No, UgandaWiki is not in any way connected to Uganda Wiki ( or to Wikipedia ( apart from the fact that we use the same software.

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