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The Monitor, also known as The Daily Monitor, is a daily newspaper published in English from Kampala. Started by seven journalists - Wafula Oguttu, Charles Onyango-Obbo, Richard Tebere (RIP), Kevin Ogen Aliro (RIP), David Ouma Balikowa, James Serugo and Teddy Seezi Cheeye - in 1992, it was taken over by the Nairobi-based Nation Media Group in 2001.

Karīm al-Hussaynī Āgā Khān IV, the leader of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, is the majority shareholder in Nation Media Group.

Before setting up The Monitor, the seven journalists worked with The Weekly Topic newspaper, which was owned by three ministers - Kintu Musoke, Kirunda Kivejinja and Bidandi Ssali. They apparently had editorial disagreements with the owners. The Weekly Topic subsequently closed.

The Monitor has itself seen at least three groups of its journalists leave to start rival newspapers. The Weeky Observer is the only off-shoot of The Monitor that continues to publish. The Crusader, and later The Evening Mail, ceased publication.

The Monitor also owns KFM, an FM radio station broadcasting from Kampala, and The Monitor Business Directory. The paper's Sunday edition is known as "Sunday Monitor".

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