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MTN Uganda or simply MTN is the largest provider of telecommunications services in Uganda. A subsidiary of MTN South Africa, MTN Uganda launched its services in Uganda on 21 October 1998.

Within a few months of its launch, MTN overtook Celtel Uganda, as the leading provider of mobile phone services due to its more affordable pricing and wider area coverage. It maintains that position, ahead of Celtel, the pioneer mobile phone company in Uganda, and Uganda Telecom, which joined the mobile phone market afterwards.

When MTN launched its services in October 1998, there were only 12,000 mobile phone subscribers. By December the following year, the number had multiplied more than six-fold to 72,600.[1]

As of December 2006, there were 2,697,616 subscribers[1], nearly 10 percent of the population. MTN Ugandan accounted for 1.6 million subscribers, or more than 50 percent of the market.

Apart from mobile phone services, MTN provides the following telecommunications services:

  • Fixed line services
  • Public payphones
  • Internet services

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