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[edit] Word or phrase of Ugandan English

Kwanjula (noun) Kwanjula, kwanjulering, kwanjulad (verb in the infinitive, present continuous and past tenses) Kwajulad (passive voice)

[edit] Meaning or equivalent in standard English

To introduce one's fiance to one's parents and relatives. Also refers to the ceremony where such introduction is made. In modern Ugandan culture, the elaborate ceremony constitutes a traditional marriage, legally recognised. For religious reasons or as a result of Western influence, the traditional ceremony will, in most cases, be followed by a religious wedding a few days to months later.

[edit] Usage of the word or phrase

Examples: - To go for kwanjula or to attend a kwanjula is to be a guest as the traditional wedding ceremony. - To kwanjula or to be kwanjulad is to be married in a traditional ceremony.

[edit] Origin of the word or phrase

The term originates from the Luganda language, which has had a major influence in the way the ceremony is conducted today. However, all Ugandan tribes have a similar ceremony, with some variations. As a Ugandan English term, it refers to all such ceremonies.

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