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Clarification: This entry is about the linguistic use of the term "Ekimansulo". For an article about the practice of Ekimansulo, click here.


[edit] Word or phrase of Ugandan English

Ekimansulo or Kimansulo (noun) Kumansula, kumansulering or kumansularing, kumansulered or kumansulad (verb)

[edit] Meaning or equivalent in standard English

Ekimansulo - Strip tease, nude dancing

[edit] Usage of the word or phrase

Ekimansulo refers to stip tease or nude dancing as a public entertainment act. (See more detailed article on Ekimansulo). To kumansula or to do ekimansulo is to engage in such an act.

The word is also figuratively to mean to expose or reveal something that should not be exposed or revealed, e.g. to reveal secrets.

[edit] Origin of the word or phrase

It is adapted from the Luganda word "Kumansula" which means to throw off, discard or cast off. The Kimansulo performers discard their clothes.

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