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[edit] Sixth Schedule (article 189)

[edit] Functions and services for which Government is responsible

1. Arms, ammunition and explosives.

2. Defence, security, maintenance of law and order.

3. Banks, banking, promissory notes, currency and exchange control.

4. Subject to this constitution, taxation and taxation policy.

5. Citizenship, immigration, emigration, refugees, deportation, extradition, passports and national identity cards.

6. Copyrights, patents and trademarks and all forms of intellectual property; incorporation and regulation of business organisations.

7. Land, mines, mineral and water resources and the environment.

8. National parks, as may be prescribed by Parliament.

9. Public holidays.

10. National monuments, antiquities, archives and public records, as Parliament may determine.

11. Foreign relations and external trade.

12. Regulation of trade and commerce.

13. Making national plans for the provision of services and coordinating plans made by local governments.

14. National elections.

15. Energy policy.

16. Transport and communications policy.

17. National censuses and statistics.

18. Public services of Uganda.

19. The judiciary.

20. National standards.

21. Education policy.

22. National surveys and mapping.

23. Industrial policy.

24. Forest and game reserve policy.

25. National research policy.

26. Control and management of epidemics and disasters.

27. Health policy.

28. Agricultural policy.

29. Any matter incidental to or connected with the functions and services mentioned in this Schedule.

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