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We the People of Uganda

  • Recalling our history which has been characterised by political and constitutional instability;
  • Recognising our struggles against the forces of tyranny, oppression and exploitation;
  • Committed to building a better future by establishing a socio-economic and political order through a popular and durable national Constitution based on the principles of unity, peace, equality, democracy, freedom, social justice and progress;
  • Exercising our sovereign and inalienable right to determine the form of governance for our country, and having fully participated in the Constitution-making process;
  • Noting that a Constituent Assembly was established to represent us and to debate the Draft Constitution prepared by the Uganda Constitutional Commission and to adopt and enact a Constitution for Uganda:

Do Hearby, in and through this constituent Assembly solemnly adopt, enact and give to ourselves and our posterity, this Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, this 22nd day of September, in the year 1995.


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