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[edit] Word or phrase of Ugandan English

Cut wires, cut a wire (phrase). The same as chop wires or chop a wire.

[edit] Meaning or equivalent in standard English

Go crazy; lose one's temper; behave irrationally; throw caution to the wind; do something very brave; overcome fear; thrown down the gauntlet. May also mean to run mad, literally.

[edit] Usage of the word or phrase

Cut wires or cut a wire is the same thing as chop wires or chop a wire. E.g. She cut a wire and hit him. Note that the phrase is not normally used with a possessive pronoun. For example, one wouldn't say "she cut her wire" or "she cut her wires" but simply "she cut wires".

[edit] Origin of the word or phrase

Derived from the image of a normal person as being properly wired or having proper wiring (as in electrical wiring), allowing them to function as expected. Therefore, a person who has cut a wire has some of their electrical wiring disconnected or cut, figuratively speaking. Such a person may also be describes as having "loose wires" (Luganda: biwaiya).

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