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[edit] Word or phrase of Ugandan English

Boda-boda (Noun)

[edit] Meaning or equivalent in standard English

border-to-border transportation, usually within No man's land

[edit] Usage of the word or phrase

This word is used to refer to the motorcycles and bicycles that engage in the business of transporting passengers. Sometimes it can refer to the riders of the motorcycles. This type of business originated in Busia, where people were crossing borders from kenya to uganda and vice-versa.

When a person says,"I will catch a boda-boda.",they are implying that they will use this means of transport to travel.

In Uganda there are now thousands of boda-bodas especially in Kampala. They are sometimes preferred as the means of transport where one wants to get to a place in time as they can manouvre narrow roads and even ride on pavements, a thing that makes them risky.

Here is another usage: "These boda-bodas are crazy!" This statement may mean that the riders, (rather than the motorcycles) are crazy because of how they ride.

[edit] Origin of the word or phrase

Probably originated from the border between Kenya and uganda at Busia, where there is a 1km stretch of no man's land. Enterprising young men would carry passengers on bicycles/motorcycles over this land, and would be heard calling for passengers "border-border"

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