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Image:Disambig gray.svgClarification: This page is about the culture of beeping. For linguistic uses of the term, see the Ugandan English dictionary entry "beep"

Beeping is a pervasive Ugandan practice of calling someone's mobile phone but hanging up before they answer the call in the hope that they will call back. Sometimes, a beep is used to communicate a particular message, such as to remind someone of something or informing them that you have arrived at the appointed place.

The main intention of the beeper is to avoid meeting the cost of the call, since mobile phone companies do not charge for unanswered calls. Phone calls in Uganda are charged on a per-call basis. A beep may be conceived as a form of initiating a collect (reversed) call.

Whether beeping is welcomed, tolerated, found irritating or offensive depends on the relationship between the beeper and the persons beeped, the socio-economic circumstances of the beeper, or the reason for beeping.

In general, people find beeping acceptable if it is not done as a matter of habit, and there are good reasons to beep, such as during an emergency. Most people will also not mind beepers who, ordinarily, wouldn't have money to spend on phone calls, such as the unemployed or students.

The term beeper may also be used to describe a person or a (social) group with the characteristics of a beeper, even if they don't actually peep. Misers, for example, may be referred to as beepers.

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