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[edit] Word or phrase of Ugandan English


[edit] Meaning or equivalent in standard English

The word "as" is used at the beginning of a sentence to express surprise, wonder or emphasise a particular fact. "As", in this sense, is followed by a noun or pronoun.

[edit] Usage of the word or phrase


  • As you have have grown! (My, how big you have grown!)
  • As she is quiet! (How come she is so quiet?)
  • As he hasn't showed up (Why hasn't he showed up?)

[edit] Origin of the word or phrase

The phrasal form starting with "as" is adapted from vernacular, with the word "as" being directly translated from the local languages. For example, the Luganda equivalent for "as" is "nga." Indeed, sometimes the vernacular word will be used with English sentences that fit in this category, e.g. "Nga you have grown!" instead of "As you have grown!"

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