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Size (sq. km) 6,488 [1]
Population 405,524
Language(s) Langi/Luo
Region Northern
Sub-region Lango
Main Town Apac
Phone Networks Celtel, MTN
Landline code
Website http://www.apac.go.ug

Apac lies north of Lake Kyoga and is bordered by Oyam to the north, Lira to the east and south, Nakasongola to the south-west and Masindi to the west.

The altitude of Apac ranges between 700 and 1383 metres above sea level. It has a savanna grassland vegetation, with woodlands and thickets.

The main economic activities are agriculture and fishing. The main crops are maize, millet, cassava, beans, sesame, peas, sunflower, groundnuts, bananas, tobacco and cotton.

[edit] Notes

  1. Includes Oyam, formerly a county of Apac, which was converted into a district in 2006
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